1st Year Anniversary

SO EXCITING!!!! We wanted to use our Delta flight benefits and go somewhere for our anniversary but it wouldn't work out. So I surprised Hema and took him out to Midway to The Crater! We actually learned about this place while we were in Hawaii, haha, and we always wanted to go. It's a hot springs that's inside a cave made out of volcanic rock and it's about 55 feet deep. You can either learn to scuba dive or just float around and snorkel. The water is really good for your skin too! Since we're poor, we just snorkeled. But it was really cool! Since it was so freezing outside and so warm inside, it was crazy steamy. You could barely see a foot in front of you! Then after snorkeling we went to the Loco Lizard Cantina in Park City for dinner. It was delicious! Celebrating is so fun.
That's the Crater!
About to get in..
We had to take a picture without the flash because it was so foggy! All the other pics didn't turn out!


  1. You are COOL, Norma. I never have a thought in my brain as to what to do for Anniversaries. Send some ideas my way!

  2. What a fun idea! That is so cool! We're celebrating our anniversary next Monday--seems kinda late. Also, Ellie loves to look at blogs with me. When she looks at yours she has to point out Hema in every picture. He has a fan!

  3. Oh that's so cute! Yeah, we want to try something new for every anniversary. Next monday is late! At least it's something!!