New Couch!

We've been living in our new apartment now for a little over 2 months. We have the TINIEST space to get all our stuff into and so we've been living without a couch or a real bed. Our box spring to our queen size bed won't fit through the door, so thank goodness the actual mattress bends. We don't mind sleeping on just the mattress, it's pretty much just the same, just a lot closer to the ground.

Here's our tiny entry:

As you can see, the wall, the top of the door, and the bottom two steps make it very difficult to fit anything in. We love our new apartment, it's really nothing special, but it's very cozy and we love it here. Rent is super cheap, and we don't have to pay anything extra for our dog!!
We finally found a couch that we could take apart into enough pieces to fit through the door, we're still so excited and we love it so much!

The Couch:

After you've lived without something for a while, once you get it you feel like a million bucks! We feel so spoiled and lucky to have a place to sit! Oh my goodness, what a luxury! :)In our first house, we had to shower in the basement cave-like, drippy, dark, yucky shower for our first like 6 or 8 months while the upstairs bathroom was being remodeled. After the bathroom was finished, showering in it felt amazing. To us, it was the nicest shower in the world!! I still miss that shower...


  1. Nice couches! We didn't have one for a while when we got married. For the first couple of days in our apartment when we got married we didn't own any chairs or couches. We sat on the counter to eat our food.

  2. Love it! That is such a pretty couch! Glad you could get it through the tiny entryway!

    Isn't it shocking how much 'stuff' ends up mattering to you if you don't have it for a while. Our neighbors just moved, and they sold all of their furniture a couple of weeks before they moved. All they and their kids wanted to do when they came over was sit on the couch. So funny!