Our Christmas

 This Christmas was wonderful. We got to spend lots of time with our awesome families, and we also got to take a short trip to San Diego. On Christmas Eve we went to my friend Megan's birthday breakfast. It was so nice to see her and some of our other friends. After, we spent some time with my family, and watched a movie. Later, we headed to Hema's parent's house for a delicious dinner. We had fun talking and eating and after we sang a few Christmas carols together. Every time they sing, I just start singing super quietly because I love listening to them sing. They all sing so beautifully and break into perfect harmonies. No matter what song it is, they all find their own harmony and make it into the most beautiful sound. I love it.
Christmas morning we woke up early and went to talk to Hema's brother who is serving a mission in Atlanta. It was so great to hear from him, and listen to Hema and his brother speak Spanish to each other. Right after we took our turns, we drove to the airport on got on a plane to San Diego. Hema and I decided not to give each other presents this year, so we decided to take a day trip instead (since that's free for us. we're so lucky)
Hema's family also flies for free, and they were headed to Hawaii. They didn't make any of the flights so they ended up coming to San Diego with us! It was really fun to be able to spend Christmas day in San Diego with family. We explored Old Town and visited the Mormon Battalion Center. 
It was so beautiful in San Diego. We love it there!! Hema lived there for a few years growing up, and we wouldn't mind moving there someday. 
The day after Christmas we spent with my family. We had tons of fun with the pool tournament and lots of cute little kiddies running around. I'm kicking myself for forgetting my camera at EVERY family event this Christmas. Being with family is our favorite part of the holidays, we love our families!!


  1. WOOHOO!! That looks like so much fun!! I love Sandiego too!! It's cool how they have redone the mormon batallion center hu? but I'm sure you have seen it since they've redone it! Love your guts!

  2. Last time I saw it was when I went with you guys!! Yes, it was super cool. We loved it.