Delta Spirit

Time Bomb by Delta Spirit on Grooveshark
Monday night Hema and I went to see one of our very favorite bands, Delta Spirit, with the Gough's. Delta Spirit was soooo good! The opening bands, not so good. 

We had an interesting experience...here is my story (throat clear
We were standing there in the midst of a bunch of happy, sweaty drunks. There was this big guy right behind me who stunk really bad, was sweating a ton, and was making me suuuuper uncomfortable. He was dancing like a maniac, and couldn't figure out how to dance without bumping up against me repeatedly. My entire back was COVERED with HIS sweat. The sweat from his hair kept dripping on my neck and I could feel him breathing on my neck. I had enough so I looked over at Hema and made a grossed-out face and pointed at the gross man behind me. Hema sweetly and quickly grabbed my arm and switched me spots. Problem solved, yeah? No. The big crazy man started bumping against Hema pretty hard. Hema was trying to gently push the guy off him with his elbow, but the guy just kept shoving harder. The drunken idiot then started full on shoving Hema! Hema was not pushing him back, what's the point? He was just trying to get the guy off him and reason with him. The guy was yelling and shoving and I started to get REALLY MAD because the idiot was shoving Hema's recently operated on arm. So I put my arms in between them and looked straight at the crazy man and yelled "KNOCK IT OFF!!" He looked at me with defensive eyes and said "Dude, he took my spot!!!!" and I yelled "No, I was actually standing there, but you kept rubbing into me and it was gross so he switched me spots!!!" He was so drunk and confused and he just started talking with Hema some more and Hema was able to reason with him that there was PLENTY of room. He looked as if he thought he had won the battle and shook hands with Hema. Then he turned to me and tried to shake my hand, I shook my head and said it was fine.. I didn't want to touch his nasty hands!! Drunken idiot. I'm still mad at him for pushing Hema's broken arm. But he didn't bug us anymore after that. The crowd that was watching made a pocket for me and Hema to stand in so we could get farther away. 

I'm so grateful that Hema stuck up for me, and was able to calm the guy down. It was scary! I loved the way Hema handled the situation, I'm so lucky to have such a great guy by my side who always makes me feel safe.

Besides that, the concert was awesome!
Me and my hero
The Gough's. I secretly call them the "GoGo's" when they're not around.
Danielle got to stand next to Summer Santa.


  1. hahaha oh I love this story only because you'll laugh about it one day. That's so gross and I would have been SO pissed if I had been you. It's a good thing Hema has an even temper

  2. Yo! Normz. Its been a while since I read your blog! Lots to look at and read. Way to blog, baby. :) See you soon, and looks like you had good times.

  3. that's gross. Way to stand up for yourself too! I would be too scared, but I like how you did :)