One Year Ago...

 We got to go visit Hema's mission. It was such a beautiful experience. We both will always hold Ecuador very close to our hearts. We got to see and experience a lot of wonderful things in our time there! Here are some pictures of some of the beautiful people we got to see and visit.

Where you pay to have your prayers heard...
Some members in Manta
One of Hema's families he taught. Pretty sure the girl next to him in the stripes is in love with him.
Missionaries we ran into in Otavalo
All the old people wear fedoras. Especially the Otavalans!
Outside of the Presidente's office. There were also soldiers who walk around with ginormous guns!! It was very scary.
Baby Ecuas
The boys trying to be taller than the Americanos..
This family from Babahoyo was so kind to us. Now they like to ask us for money....
The clown we saw. He spoke English to us, haha.
Of course I found a bunch of dogs to hold. I found a litter of puppies once, and almost got attacked by the mother... woops.
 We got to meet so many cool people. Some of our favorites live in Porto Viejo. The members there made us lots of wonderful meals and invited us to play volleyball with the neighborhood. There are lots of bats there that fly around at night, and oh yeah looootts of mosquitoes!! I feel so lame posting this so late, but better late than never!

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  1. That looks like such an amazing trip! I think it is so awesome you were able to go!