Tids & Bits

Coupons to Pat's bbq are the best. Look at them ribs!
Aren't they the cutest??! Hanging with John and Kylee is always a huge treat!
The smiliest baby you'll ever meet! Such a sweetie. 
This is the new way Maui sleeps.
A couple of my primary kids, from left to right. Crying boy, sweet and quiet girl til you turn your back, ditzy tip-toe girl, the one that bites. Love them all! 
We looove hanging with the Eens. Hema is teaching guitar lessons :)
New baby Een!
Sweet brand new baby Joseph!
A couple of my cute nieces! 
Fun nights with our BFs 
Ice skating with this hot couple. They just got engaged! Can't wait for the wedding!!
Hema jamming with Makana at SLCC http://makanamusic.com
That one time Hema had a mustache. We added some hair extensions for dramatic effect.
Shaun moved back to Utah!! Hema couldn't be happier. They are musical geniuses together. 
Shaun and Brittany are our favorites! 
REAL Salt Lake! Soccer is starting!
Maui got his summer haircut. He is so happy about it, see?


  1. Maui looks really distinguished in those glasses

  2. You captured the essence of our kids. Also, Hema should consider making the mustache and long hair permanent. Then he could be: a truck driver, a cattle wrangler, or a pro wrestler.