Happy Birthday Hema!

HEATHER! Can you see your cute lil face in the corner and Jeff above?!

For Hema's birthday we had dinner with some friends and came back to our apartment for cake and ice cream! Then the next day we went to a REAL game which is just about Hema's favorite thing in the world! We were lucky enough to have Jeff and Heather come with!!
We love being in company of good family and friends, we are so blessed. 
For Hema's birthday present, we are going to a real USA men's soccer game!! It's closer to my birthday, so really it's more of a combined birthday present, haha. We can't wait til the game in June!!
Hema has been playing on a couple rec soccer teams and he loves it!! And I love watching the games. We also have been playing tennis once or twice a week with our friends Amanda and Kyle for the past couple months. And hopefully soon we'll be pulling our bikes out of the garage and exploring! We're soooo happy that summer is just around the corner! So many fun things to do.

Happy Birthday Hema, love you so much!!!

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  1. that was lots and lost of fun to come along!!! That first picture is awesome with the flag!