San Francisco

Ok, so I've had about 4 different mostly finished posts sitting as drafts for OVER A YEAR! I know I am so behind, it's ridiculous and embarrassing. But I'm the type that doesn't remember how fun and wonderful an experience was until I see all the pictures. Pictures are important to me! Sorry for all the dumping! I waited for so long with these posts because I was waiting for pictures or couldn't find them or whatever... I still don't have the complete product that I want to remember but I don't think I'm ever gonna get around to it seeing as it's been OVER A YEAR. Or has it been 2?....
Anyway, 2014, I think it was spring break or UEA or some other non-super-important holiday that we went to San Francisco with some of our best friends, Ben and Becca Lopez. They also have flight benefits so that's how the whole trip was possible! We shared a rental car and stayed with Becca's wonderful cousin and his wife, Johnny and Paula. Johnny and Paula were such amazing hosts! They had the most dreamy apartment at the top of a hill in Oakland.

The whole first day was just the 4 of us until we met up with Johnny and Paula for dinner. We went to China Town, Lombard Street, the Ghirardelli factory, Coit Tower, a trolley museum, and played at the pier in the wind. It was such a fun day and we packed a lot in without feeling rushed! It was wonderful. 

The next day we walked and walked and walked. We took the BART and started at the Civic Center at a huge farmers market. The market was sooooo cool and I tried oysters for my first time, tried a billion kinds of olive oil, lotions, and fell in love with almond bark. Oh and they had a ton of different kinds of plums that were just crazy delicious!! Still dreaming about those plums! Then we went to the city capitol building and walked from there up to the painted ladies, then down Haight and Ashby, then through the Golden Gate park, and then to the Japanese gardens. Then we took the bus back to the civic center (I think that's what it's called??) and walked down the boardwalk and to the Fisherman's Wharf. Then we walked up to college street (or something? been too long..) to look for food. Then we walked around some kinda shady neighborhoods, saw some weird stuff as we looked for a BART entrance to take us back home. We walked MILES! I don't know how many or why we did that? Never again. But a fun day, nevertheless!!
(Johnny and Paula had the most dreamy apartment...I should have taken more pics!)
This pic makes me laugh because we had our whole group in the pic unintentionally haha.
The last day we went to sacrament meeting in Oakland, roamed around the temple grounds and visitors center, explored the Golden Gate bridge, and played at the conservatory grounds. We ended the night with the most delicious Thai take out and movies at the apartment. It was such a fun time full of memories we will never forget. We loved adventuring with this group!

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