The Musical is Over!

The musical being over is bitter sweet for Hema. He really enjoyed the performing but he was definitely very tired by the end. It's hard to never be home all day long for a couple weeks. But for me, I'm happy it's over because now he won't have to kiss other girls anymore!!:)
Now that the musical is all finished up, we are starting P90X! I'm so terrified, i haven't worked out for so long! But I'm very excited as well, I really do want to be more active, in shape and healthy.
Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the last night of HAIRSPRAY!

With one of our good friends, Leah. She's from Georgia! Where Helam's going! She played Motormouth
 Hema pretending like he's doing that scene from Risky Business
 Haha, after we took this pic, the camera said "Blink Detection"
 Hema with Motormouth Maybell and Edna Turnblad before the show
 Hemz with Tammy Ross, the director of Hairspray and owner of the theatre
 Hema with some of the "black kids"
 Hema and Stone Kalisa. This kid's only 14!!
 Hema with his fake sister, Lil Ainez
 Seaweed and Edna
 Seaweed and Velma Vontussle
 Hema with some of our friends. Rich and Shawnee are the bestest!
 Seaweed and Tracy Turnblad.

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  1. ha ha! You guys are hilarious! I can't believe you didn't get a picture with the girl he had to kiss. Glad he had such a good experience!

    Good luck with the P90X! Some of our friends did it--apparently it is pretty intense.