It's a Colorful Life :)

The other day I was describing something to Hema, and he didn't really understand what I was trying to say. I was saying it was schnazzy (I guess that's not a real word...but I swear a lot of people say that word..) but Hema didn't get it. He kept saying "Will you please use that in a different sentence?" and "Spell that.." Then I changed my description to pimpin', and that's when he finally understood what I was trying to say. We laughed afterward and realized that I have to change my white girl language sometimes and vice versa so we can communicate. Haha, it's really not frustrating, just really funny.
Hema's Japanese face & homemade wontons
I couldn't be more grateful for the family I married into. I love them! I've learned so much from them. I consider our future children to be very lucky to have the best of both worlds. I'm even more grateful for my wonderful husband, I really couldn't ask for anyone better. I'm grateful for everything he is and for the experiences that he's had and that I'm able to learn from them.
Hema in Ecuador
Hema's dad is full Tongan, and his mom is Hawaiian, Japanese, and Maori. It's so cool that I get to see all of those different cultures in just one family.I wish that I practiced all my European heritage as much as Polynesians do. Another wonderful thing about my husband is that he works for Delta and we get flight benefits! This year we plan to go to Ecuador this summer to visit Hema's mission. At the very end of 2012, Hema's family is having a family reunion in New Zealand!!  So when Elder Helam Heimuli finishes his mission in Atlanta, we will fly over to pick him up, then we'll fly to Tonga and stay there for a week and then fly to New Zealand for the family reunion for a week!!! It'll probably be the coolest trip I'll ever go on. How many people are that lucky?? Now we just have to save up a bunch of money and get me a passport. YAY!!

P.S. Wontons are Chinese, not Japanese. I found that out the embarrassing way...

This is our sleeping dog...


  1. Yeah, my in-laws are pretty boring compared to yours. I guess I love them anyway... :) Someday I will have to get a passport too, but that day probably won't come for a few years.

  2. But your in-laws have a boat!! You're so lucky, we don't have anyone who will take us with them to Lake Powell.