This is one of my very favorite pictures of all time. It's my cute mom and my 4 oldest siblings. I love the style of their clothes and hair, and I'm happy that styles like this are becoming popular again. My mother is a saint. 4 kids under the age of 2 and she kept going!! 6 more children after these adorable 4. My mother still looks amazing after having 10 children!!

One of the last pictures we took with ALL the kids that I could find. Don't you love the 90s? Haha
Which leads me to what I wanted to post....

These women are so beautiful and classy. I love that the new styles now mix a little of 40s and 50s styles into new designs. 

If I could always dress in one style, and have the money to buy all the clothes that I wanted, I would dress similar to that era. Like WWII fashion.
I'm a girl who likes classy, romantic style clothing. Pearls, red lipstick, lacy, flowy prettiness.  
Here's some examples of clothes that I LOVE 
Clothes from modcloth.com

Beautiful hairstyles- Now & Then

  The End.


  1. Oh I love it! You have such great taste! Indeed, gotta love the 90's. :) Although I am impressed that everyone is smiling and looks good. No small challenge with 10 kids!

  2. Wife. This is your husband. I am hungry.

    We go to Ecuador soon! Woo!!!

  3. Norma! I LOVED this post! and I LOVE the 40's too! That's what I was trying to go after when planning my wedding :)