That's right. Ecuador. 
Pretty neat, eh?
That is where me and the Mr. will attempt to go in a month from now.
Is this font different? I can't tell...
Anyway... Since Hema works for Delta and we can fly pretty much anywhere for free, or pretty dang close to free, we are going to Ecuador. That is where Hema went on his mission, 3 years ago this week!!
June 3rd, we will attempt to fly to Atlanta, which is where our flight to Ecuador leaves. If everything goes well, we'll be on a flight to Ecuador on June 4th at 5:30. Cross your fingers!! By "attempt" I mean we have to fly standby.
I have never been out of the country before, I'm still waiting for my passport to come in the mail! Another fun fact about our trip, we'll be there on my birthday! That's right, I'll be turning 21 in Ecuador. How exciting!!  
 I'm really not nervous about anything except getting sick. I don't want to get sick and be sick the entire time we're there. I want to be able to experience it all and enjoy my surroundings and the culture as much as I can! If I'm lucky... I might get to eat some of this!
 Ha, or maybe something more like this:
OOOOHHH I'm so excited!! I hope that we will be able to visit some of the people Hema taught and I hope I'll be able to learn some more Spanish. If we have time, I would love to go to the temple there. It is so beautiful, and it is Hema's favorite temple! Of course...:)
I feel so extremely unprepared at the moment...realizing it is only a month away!! But I sure can't wait!!


  1. Dang girl, that sounds fun. Yep, I have never been out of the country either, but Kylee is determined to make me travel the world after we have an actual income. I owe her a trip to China, you should ask her about it sometime.

  2. Ooooh! I hope you have a blast! That's pretty sweet that you get to fly for practically free!

  3. Ahh you're going to have so much fun! I'm excited to talk to you guys about it when you get home. Can we play soon, please? Double date, yes?

  4. That's so cool Norma! I'm excited to hear your stories when you come back :)

  5. Fun fun! My brother in law just got back from his mission in Ecuador the beginning of this month!

  6. Fun!!! I hope you have a wonderful trip! If you don't want to get sick I might avoid the roasted guinea pig (or whatever that is). :)