Great Strides.

My adorable, sweet little niece Joyliana has Cystic Fibrosis. It has been a great challenge for her family. Her parents do an amazing job, and they work very hard to help her in any way possible.
Yesterday was the Great Strides 5K walk downtown at the Gallivan Center. The purpose is to raise money to find a cure for people with CF. Everyone who registers joins a team to walk with, our team name was "Joyliana's Joy Seekers- Finding Joy in the Cure."

Isn't her shirt adorable?!?!!
 This past month, my wonderful husband has been working very hard on the team shirts. He designed the shirts, and made all of them by hand with a silk screen machine. He did an AMAZING job, and our team's shirts were without a doubt, the best ones there.

Working hard, after a long day at work. I love him.
It was a long, hard learning process, he did great!
 Just look at how adorable little Hannah looked in her shirt!! The poor little girls were both running low fevers during the walk, so Matt ended up carrying this little one.

Here's our team walking. See the other teams around us? Their shirts are LAME!!

Here's our lovely team. Hopefully next year we can get more people!


  1. Those shirts are The Bomb! What a talented husband you have!!!!!

  2. I didn't realize that Hema was going to literally make them. That is so cool! Sad that we missed the walk!