Norma's the best wife ever!!

SO, I'm being really sneaky and trying to post about how much I love Norma... So quickly here are 5 reasons why she is the best:

#1. She is so loving.

How you ask? Have you ever read the book about the 5 Love Languages? Well, that book is all about her. She does so much for me, she is always saying kind things, she always gives me goosebumps when she touches me, she's always there to comfort me when I've had a terrible day, she buys me cool things... man, there's nothing she wouldn't do for me. This is the first reason why I'm so lucky.

#2. She's effing GORGEOUS!!

Take a look at this picture(above) fellas, and tell me you wouldn't give your right eye to be with this woman? I know I would... even if I didn't have to. She has beautiful brown eyes, worthy of song. She has the kinda lips that sparks addiction... she has the softest, most beautiful skin. Her hair is always cute, and she hardly ever wears makeup (although she'll insist that she needs it).

#3. She can control me.

Now, I mean this in the best way possible. I'm kind of a crazy guy.. I was very different before Norma graced my life, now that she's in it...I'm glad she's the kind of girl who can keep me in check. I always want to be better for her.. but if I ever forget that, she's able to remind me. :D

#4. She's hard working.

When we were dating, Norms had that hardest jobs ever! She had to deal with stupid people everyday when she worked at her Cousin's business. She had to deal with stupid teachers and clients as she studied to be a Stylist. She dealt with stupid students and student government heads (man, I guess just about everyone is stupid compared to my wonderful Norma) AND men were constantly hitting on her... especially hopeful, not smooth, polynesian ones.

Now that we're married, she still continues to work hard, always trying to improve, always preoccupied about the future. She's the gravity that keeps me grounded, and the structure that keeps me focused.

#5. She's supportive.

Behind every great man, there's a great woman. Norma is a great woman, who stands behind an average man. I'm thankful that she does. She keeps me going when I feel like giving up. Literally, she holds me up. When we were dating, our family found out that we had a brother, who was just younger than me. His mother contacted my mother, after locating my family, upon finding out that I was older than him. Where do you go when you don't feel safe in your own home?  Late, late that night I found refuge in Norma's arms. And I still do today. She knows my goals and feelings, and she helps me with them. If I am creativity, she's my inspiration. She is the air that keeps my dreams afloat, and the hands that help when there were none. I'm very happy that soon I'll have one and a half years, married to my best friend.

Hopefully everyone can now see, how much you mean to me Norms!


  1. Oh Hems, you're so sweet! I love you so much :) I really do have the best husband in the world!

  2. this is the cutest thing i have ever read

  3. awwww thus is soooo precious Norma!! :)