Yep, this guy is freaking adorable. I love him. I took this picture of him while we were on the bus from Guayaquil to Quito (9 hour bus ride + lady by us barfing the whole way = worst part of trip). Anyway, it reminds me of some cute pictures of him when he was little.

After I took the pic I was immediately reminded of these two pics. Isn't he so so cute??!! The top one is kind of a mixture of the other two...to me. Anyway, he was such an adorable child (he still is adorable) and I think we'd be pretty lucky to have children that are as beautiful as him. Hopefully our kids will get his cute dimples :) Here's some more baby Hema goodies that I just love.

Cute baby. Notice all the "muscles" on
his arms- that's what Hema calls them.

Cute dimples!! Love the faux-hawk!
Football star :)
So cool. If only we could find sunglasses
that fit his head that well now days:)


  1. Cute pics! He looks the same in many ways! haha. Norma I want to hear all about your trip!!!

  2. I have always thought that Hema is a stallion. Perhaps he would prefer the term "beefcake."

  3. Fun baby pictures!! Those are some serious rolly-polly arms. :)

  4. @Kylee:

    Those are MUSCLES Kylee..Don't act so unimpressed. I believe they're the Lateral Roltoids and Pollinus Maximus muscles...