Guess who will be joining our little family soon?

A new apartment!!
Did I trick anyone?
We've been looking to move for a few months now. Due to the fact that our landlord can't seem to get his stuff together, and he is extremely dishonest. Like how we didn't get a utility bill for 4 months and we only ever got it because we had to nag him for it every month. 
 Also because we have no AC, all the windows are crappy and we get tons of bugs all the time. 
Oh and because it smells like gross all the time because our apartment was flooding every day last month and for 2 weeks all they did to "fix" the problem was tear up the carpet and put a fan on it. 
Oh and because the man upstairs is creepy and rude. If we laugh he bangs on the ground. He hates happiness.
Oh and because the power sucks, we hardly use any power so we're pretty much just paying for cranky man upstairs' power.
Oh and a bunch of other stuff.

Our dear friend from school is moving out of her basement apartment at the end of the month because they are buying their first house. They have lived there for 3 years, and have loved it. The apartment is a great deal. The price includes all utilities, a second bedroom, laundry, no extra charge for the dog, internet, tons of storage, parking in garage, full use of backyard and grill whenever we want, and lots more. The land lady upstairs is simply AWESOME. She has 5 dogs, so our one little dog won't be a bother. Maui just loved playing with all the dogs while we were there. The apartment is way nicer than the one we are in right now, and a lot newer. We have such a good feeling about moving here, and we simply can't wait to get out of here and move somewhere much better. And we don't have to pay a deposit!

We will be using the second bedroom as a little salon for me. I have started doing hair extensions more and I am currently learned eyelash extensions. I am very excited about all of this!!

In other news..

Congrats to my cute brother and sister-in-law for having another beautiful little girl!!

I love how it looks like she's smiling at him!!

Having lots of my family together has also been lots of fun. We even took some pictures. One day we'll get a picture with the WHOLE family... one day.

All the fellas. My mom kept getting mad at Hema for doing silly poses :)

All the cute girlies


  1. Ohhh yayy!! So excited for you guys!! Sounds like things are lookin up for you! :)
    How old is that little baby?

  2. Yeah we're so excited to move! In that pic she was about 2 days old! She's a week old now:)

  3. Hey, we're gonna be neighbors!

  4. Ha ha, I love those headers that make everyone think you're going to announce a particular something, and then you post about something else! And, congrats on the move. It sounds like your old landlord was a piece of crap. Hope you like your new place!

  5. 5 dogs upstairs sounds like a bad deal to me. But hey, I guess it works out for you guys.

    Yeah, I wouldn't stay at your awful apartment any longer than necessary. Good job getting out of there. Stick your tongue out at your grouchy neighbor as you drive away. That will show him.

    We have a pretty cute little girl, it is true. Nice pictures!

  6. Love those pictures! Glad you guys found a great new apartment!