One and a Half

Here's to our first and only year and a half-a-versary!! I love finding excuses to celebrate, it makes life more enjoyable. One of my adorable friends Jessie Budge got married today, which was a perfect way to celebrate. Hema worked this morning, so we missed the actual wedding, but we were able to go to her luncheon. It was absolutely delicious! 

Hema is the greatest. I love him so much, as I have mentioned many times. If you're sick of hearing it, I don't care because that's how I feel. It's our blog and I can blog what I want to! Hema works so hard, he is so sweet and humble. He gets along with everyone, and I am especially grateful that he gets along with my family so well.

Here's to many more years and year and a halves to come! Love you baby!!!!

Here's just a little picture thing I made, I just love Hema's face in each picture!! (Click to enlarge... :))

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