A Door Bell.

Hema has a great family. 
I have loved getting to know each and every person. Even though I am very shy around them at times, I love having their personalities, laughs, and smiles in my life. They have all taught me so much.
Special visit this week from a few of his cute cousins that live in Hawaii. Last time we saw them was actually on our honeymoon! They are adorable, and very entertaining. I was surprised they remembered me, and even if they didn't, they still ran up and gave me a huge hug. Adorable.

These kids worked hard for their cookies! We all made them dance for us, because it's cute and funny. 
My favorite part starts at about 2 minutes in... :)

Update on how awesome my husband is.
  • Sunday- Stayed up late with me when I wasn't feeling well, even though he was exhausted
  • Monday- Surprised me with flowers and took me on a date.
  • Tuesday-  Made me breakfast in bed and cleaned the whole house.
  • Wednesday- Did all the dishes, helped me cook, and told me my gross pink gravy was delicious.
  • Thursday- Worked 15 hours in the hot sun and still managed to treat me like a princess when he got home.
  • Friday- Sang for my Grandma at her 90th birthday party
  • Saturday- Made me laugh til my stomach hurt and loves me for who I am.
All these things and much, much more. I can never thank him enough, he is my Superman. He's my bestest friend ever! I am so blessed to have him as my husband.

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  1. Haha! What a cute little dance!! Wow, sounds like Hema gets a good husband award for the week. You guys are so great together!