Craw Fishing.

We done it!
Today we spent time with our friends and family and went craw fishing.  I had never been any kind of fishing before so I thought it was pretty great. Hema built a trap and we all made our own little fishing poles.

Oh, and we made it mandatory to dress like a hillbilly.  

Maui had fun playing in the waterfalls. It was so much fun!
Oh My Gough and Hema's trap
My stud muffin
Our hillbilly outfits and Hema finger bottle slide thingy..
We caught a whole bunch! Maybe like...40? I didn't catch any for the first 2 hours, then I caught like 10 in a half hour. Exciting!
We ate them.
And yes, I ate some too. They actually weren't that bad!


  1. Haha. You guys are so fun! Eek...I don't know if I could eat them. You're brave!
    I love the pictures, especially the one of your stud muffin. :P It looks awesome.

  2. You look hot! I love you! It looks like you had a blast...

  3. An important hillbilly clothing article that was sadly left out would be a Nascar hat, preferably Dale Earnhardt. :) Looks tasty!