Hema's Adventure.

Hema had the opportunity to go to Zions National Park with his friends last week. They went to Mystery Canyon where they repelled, climbed, hiked, etc. He had a lot of fun being with the guys and getting a good work out. 

Hems and all the fellas. Can you pick out the two hawaiians? Haha.
When he got home he told me that he didn't have enough water and at one point he started shaking really bad because he was dehydrated. He also rolled his ankle and got a blister the size of a quarter on his heel. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I found all this out! He also fell down a big hole, and luckily there was water to break his fall at the bottom. AHH! I'm so grateful he came home alive!!

All the awesome scenery and different rocks

Spot where they rested and swam
Just chillin on a cliff.

 Hema is so cool. Matt with no hands...
See that tiny red speck at the bottom? That's Matt. That's how high up this repel was.
Hema came home very tired and dehydrated. He is totally fine now, and I'm so happy he had the opportunity to go have fun for a few days. Next time I hope I can tag along! He was sweet to take tons of pictures for me to look at, and he even brought home a little friend for me!!

It's a frog. And we named him Prince Naveen! Hema is so sweet :)


  1. Hema is awesome. I'm glad you married him.And I'm glad he's home safe and sound. And, I love the name Prince Naveen. Reminds me of when you named your guy mannequin Fiero. (Is that how you spell it?)

  2. We were there in July and went to the Emerald Pools... or something like that. ;) We of course had to do kid-friendly hiking and stuff. Its a beautiful place. I'll have to go back some day. :) Boys are so dangerous! I'm glad Hema survived!

  3. scary he fell! Hey sorry we weren't there yesterday! I heard Hema sung, and everyone in my family told me that you were so funny and the stories you were telling! I'm glad you posted something so I can stalk you some more :)

  4. Wow, that looks like such a cool trip with gorgeous scenery! That is some pretty intense hiking and rock climbing. Glad Hema made it through relatively unscathed!