Rock Climbing!

I had never been real rock climbing before, but today I had the opportunity to go!! Thanks to our good friends, the Een's. It was a beautiful, hot day and our friends took us up Cottonwood Canyon to a good spot for beginners. I think I did alright, because they said they'll take me to a harder spot next time. Woo hoo!! Next time!!

Maui also enjoyed himself :)
I hope that one day when we have kids, we can teach our kids to do things like this, and a lot of other outdoorsy things. I never had a lot of opportunities growing up to do things like this, and that's one thing I hope we can give our children.

Our friends seriously have some adorable kids. They all can rock climb and repel really well! Matt and Emily are such awesome parents, Hema and I hope to be a lot like them one day. They are amazing examples to us and we are lucky to have them in our lives.

We hiked up one rock, and repelled off another rock. Both were way awesome, but next time I'll bring gloves for the repelling, it burns. Haha. Hema helped out a lot, I'm lucky he knows how to do all this cool stuff.
Look at that little champ!! Going all by himself!!


  1. Look at you two, being all cool! I'm jealous! Haha :)

  2. Thats cool that you and Hema do all these fun things that you get the opportunity to do. Obviously you can still do cool things when you have kids; it's just lots more work.

  3. I am so impressed that that little boy is climbing it! I have never gone repelling, but it looks kinda scary. Glad you had a great time!