Moving Out, Moving Up

This past month has been a little crazy with us moving and all. Our house has been in boxes for weeks, and we are now almost completely settled in to our new place. We love every minute we are home. We really love everything about the new place so far, it has been a huge blessing for us to be able to move here. We moved on Tuesday, but the previous two weeks we have been painting the new place, staining some of our furniture, cleaning and packing our old place (aka- the dungeon), and of course working. We are so excited to start fresh at our new location!

Hems asleep on half a couch, with his pocket knife in hand

We haven't been eating so well lately, and it's completely my fault for not making cooking a priority. That and the fact that all our stuff has been packed in boxes. But still, I need to do better. Hema is happy to help me cook and clean, he's wonderful. I actually love to cook, I've just been lazy. So starting today, I am doing a 30 day challenge where I will make a home-cooked dinner every day for 30 days. I know this isn't anything special, and that plenty of people cook every single day, but it will be good for me.

Hema's very best friend, Jordan, got married on the 10th (day after our move) and we got to be apart of their whole wedding day. He married an awesome girl, Danielle, and we love them both. I somehow lost my SD card that had pics of our move and pics of their adorable wedding, ugghhh I'm so mad at myself. Hopefully I'll find it soon. But it was a wonderful wedding!!

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  1. Moving is so much work!!! I want to hear about your new place the next time I see you guys!