Hema freaking loves the Foo Fighters. More specifically, he loves Dave Grohl. LOVES him. I never knew that marrying Hema, would lead to me knowing so much about this man.
 Hems has been so excited for some time to see the show. It was worth going to for me, just to watch how happy he was. We took Trax to the Maverick Center, since it's cheaper and easier than parking at the Center.
 I told Hema to give me his excited face... this is what he gave me. So this is me making fun of his excited face. Scared face? Hmm.
 Cage the Elephant opened for Foo Fighters. Their drummer got sick, so a wonderful surprise was having Dave Grohl fill in as drummer. I think Hema peed his pants. (Dave Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana, but sings and plays guitar in Foo Fighters.)
 What a classy(?) guy. Double dose of Dave= Hema's wildest dream come true.
 There goes Hema's hero... watch him as he goes.
We got pretty good seats, row 5! Hema pretty much held hands with Dave. They're best friends now. See?

So happy we got to go to a concert this year, and that it was one Hema's always wanted to see. Just because we're married, doesn't mean we can't have fun and act our age, right? Right. We try to spice up our lives as much as possible, and we love love LOVE being married.

We've been super busy lately, and tomorrow we are going here to visit my sister. See you later!


  1. So fun! I hope you guys have a safe trip! And that it actually happens! ;)

  2. You both looked very excited about everything. Have a good trip!

  3. Glad you had such a good time!! Love the excited face! :)