The Week.

First, lets start off with an adorable picture.
This Halloween was fun. We were kinda lame and didn't go all out dressing up, so last minute we just painted our faces with some eyeliner and lipstick. We babysat my dear, sweet brother over the weekend and so for Halloween we stayed home with him and some of our cute family. My sister made delicious food and fun desserts, we handed out candy, and watched The Burbs. Lots of fun!

Over the weekend we babysat, we both spoke in church, Hema went on an overnight camp out with the Scouts, Hema played a show, we listened to our little brother speak in church... and besides that we TRIED to be as lazy as possible.

As for this week, we went to a reunion/ date night with some of my old high school friends. It was a blast! Hema of course had a bunch of band practices and such, and then he got sick...just in time for his show on Saturday. He still did amazing! After, we got to hang out with our cute cousins, we've missed them.
Thanks to all those who came!!!!!

Hema's cousins made it in time for the last half of the last song! We were glad they came! (pay no attention to Hema's scared face)
Bring on another week!

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  1. That looks like a fun Halloween! We're sad we haven't made it Hema's shows in Provo. We're hoping to make it to the one next Wednesday.