We are so grateful for all the amazing people in our lives.
Our family and friends are very important to us, and we love being able to spend time with those we love.
This past week, we've been able to see lots of our wonderful friends.
Thursday: Girl's night with some of my good friends from high school.
Friday: Friends came over to get their hair did, then Hema had an AWESOME show at Muse Music in Provo, which lots of our great friends came and supported. (Thank you!!!)
I forgot my camera (bad wife) so all we have for now are these not so good phone pics
 Saturday: Got to go wedding dress shopping with some of my besties and later went to a farewell party for our friend Sarah.
Our traditional- just laying in Kyle's bed- pose
Sunday: Went to the homecoming of our friend John, then went to the farewell for our friend Sarah.
It was great seeing lots of good friends at all these events, we love our amazing friends.
Sarah will be a wonderful missionary in Tacoma, Washington!!
Thank you ALL for being such wonderful examples to Hema and I!!!

In other news, my beautiful cousin Heather is PREGO!!!!! She was my maid of honor, and has been my life long best friend. I love her to pieces and we are so excited for Heather and Jeff!!! Congrats!!
Trying on my mom and grandma's old wedding dresses :)

Also, my bestie Megan is anxiously awaiting her mission call. AHH! So exciting!!
Megnogg and Hema at the fair with their huge corn dogs.
 P.S. Tuesday (November 15th) marked 3 years since mine and Hema's very first date.
That's some heavy stuff. And what a tremendous 3 years it has been :)


  1. Oh Norma you are so nice to include me on this blog post :) those pictures are fun! You have lots of girl friends going on missions! That is really fun. I'm excited for Megan! (She is the only one I know of the two.) Thanks for being such a great friend and cousin. You made my day :)

  2. Ho is Megan supposed to marry Matt if she goes on a mission... all my plans are foiled!

  3. That was supposed to be HOW, HOW?