This Thanksgiving was eventful. We got to go to 3 different dinners on 3 different days! 
Hema decided that since he would be the only brown person at my family Thanksgiving, it'd be appropriate to dress like an Native American. And for Maui to dress like a pilgrim.
 Maui was not amused. He wouldn't open his eyes. So dramatic.

We also had fun with the Heimuli's and the Murray's. Harrison did a good job entertaining us with his magic tricks, and there were lots of beautiful people to be around. We love our families.
 In other news, Hema has been busy recording and playing shows. He's also in the process of making a music video. Hema was also able to sign up for classes again, and he'll start back up in January. We've been battling the school since May trying to get him back in school, and things are finally working out. We are very blessed.
Oh Hema.
Thank you to all who support us, we feel so blessed to have so many loving people in our lives.

Something that made us happy this week:


  1. Haha. I love Hema's costume.

    Have you tried doing BYU independent study? Apparently you don't have to be enrolled at BYU to do it. Maybe that would help with Hema's work conflicts?

  2. Three Thanksgiving dinners is not nearly enough. :) Thats great that you got things worked out for school. School is a necessary evil.

  3. Just stumbled on your blog! THREE Thanksgiving dinners? WOW! But the top photos are awesome--reminded me of a "pilgrims and Indians" party we went to for Thanksgiving last year. :)

    Come say hi a reverie. anytime!