Last week, one of my very best friends, Megan left to serve her mission in Rochester, New York! She will serve part of her mission in the Hill Cumorah visitors center. I'm so thrilled for her to be starting this amazing experience. She has been such a blessing to have in my life. I am so lucky to have her as a friend!! We've been through lots together, and have learned so many things from each other.
Special Needs Junior Leaders

Megan and I met in Junior High. We instantly liked each other and talked a bit, but never became good friends until high school. My sophomore year, I went to EFY with Megan and another friend and oh we had a blast. By the time Megan was finally in high school (since she's a grade younger than me) we became very close! 

Dances and dates

We have a very similar sense of humor. We love hanging out and talking for hours, eating weird foods, and watching movies. We have the same taste in junk food. We love spicy. There is hardly an occasion when we get together and there isn't Flaming Hot Cheetos, and of course cream cheese to dip them in. Sooooo yum.
And of course she was one of my lovely bridesmaids!
Last picture together.
Megan will be an amazing missionary!! Farewell, for now. :)

"I've heard it said
  That people come into our lives for a reason
  Bringing something we must learn 
And we are led To those who help us most to grow 
If we let them, And we help them in return..."

- For Good, Wicked

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  1. that's so crazy she is already gone! She has been a good friend to you- you have always only said nice things about her. My friend served that exact same mission and she loved it! She will be a good missionary.