Catch Up..

 We've been busy lately! Mostly Hema... but we love it. 
Earlier this month we went to our cousin's wedding. It was loud, delicious, and fun.
I went to my favorite cousin's Baby Fiesta, it was also delicious and fun!! I am so excited for Heather to become a mommy!!!
They made Cafe Rio- style food which was soooo yummy. You can tell from this pic, all the food is gone... My cousins made tons of adorable decorations like these for the baby fiesta!!
Me and my beautiful cousin :) Only about 2 months till the cute baby girl will be here!!
This is my Valentine. He is the cutest, sweetest man alive. I could go on and on and on about how much he means to me, how in love I am with him and our life together, but I'll save that for another day.
 The hubs delivered flowers to my work along with the sweetest card that had a quote in it from the song he wrote and sang for me when he proposed :)
 Hems took me to dinner and later we went and hung out with his sweet family.

Hema had a show at The Complex. It was rad, the music was enjoyed by all. Thanks to those who came!! 
 This weekend we had the pleasure of hosting some of our good friends who were in town from New Mexico. We had plans of doing awesome things for them and taking them awesome places, but instead we had a pajama party, ate junk food, and watched free On Demand movies til we all fell asleep. It turned out to be much more fun for all of us. Thanks for coming Tyler and Cortney!!
Us with Tyler and Cortney in Ecuador
Hema stays busy with work, school, and music. My work schedule has been a little wacky, and I work as close to 40 hours as I can get picking up shifts and what not. I've also been doing more hair appointments from home lately, which is good!! Trying to save as much mulah as we can for our trip at the end of the year!!
The hubs and I have so many things we want to do this year!!! All about planning and preparing to make sure we get it all done. We strongly believe in making goals, but also living life. This year will be great!!

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