Marriage is Awesome.

You and I by Ingrid Michaelson on Grooveshark
>push play!<
He really was asleep.
First beach we visited on our honeymoon
Just looking back at some of our silly moments. I just love US.
Every time we pray, we keep our eyes half open so we can keep looking at each other.
Doing yard work together.
Coming home to a husband with his pants half off, and asleep halfway underneath the bed.
Wearing each others clothes.
Discussing our #1s and #2s.
Being gassy and unashamed.
Holding hands while we drive.
Chasing each other for weird reasons.
Fake fighting.
This is Hema pretending that my feet stink...
Gross lips..
Still handsome.
Getting kissed on the cheek while making dinner.
Scaring the other while in the shower or getting out of the shower.
Helping each other get dressed when the other is too tired to move (I'm not a morning person..)
Discussing our hopes, plans, and dreams.
Cracking up at funny things kids do.
Babysitting together.
Sneaking onto the roof to enjoy the scenery.
Making leap lists and bucket lists.
Finding joy and laughter in all the simple things.
Joyli's breathing treatment thingys..
We're so cool.


  1. That was a cute post :) It's nice to have someone you are 100 percent confident and comfortable around- even more than your family and friends that you grew up with. This post made me feel so lucky to have Jeff :) thanks

  2. So being gassy and unashamed isn't supposed to come until AFTER marriage.

  3. It's true!
    Marriage totally rocks when you're both doing it right.

    Sometimes I get sad that not everything that happens in marriage is appropriate to share because sometimes moments happen that are hilarious or sweet or whatever but you can't take a picture or even mention it because someone may or may not be fully dressed, or something like that...

    You're my hero.

  4. Nice bra! Where'd you get it? I'm always on the lookout for a good place to buy bras! Hah!

    Hooray for Mawage!