God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again by London Sinfonia & City Of Prague Philharmonic; John Innes on Grooveshark
Remember last year when Hema was in Hairspray? Hema went way out of his comfort zone to sing and perform in a musical. His very first day at rehearsal, he received a warm welcome from Kat who was playing the lead role, Tracy Turnblad. She was a good friend to both of us. She went out of her way to make everyone feel like they were welcome and loved. Hema says they became pretty good friends during the show and he's glad he got to see her doing what she loved. I am thrilled I got to know her as well when I would help with her hair and make up before each show.
She was so extremely talented, witty, beautiful and inspiring. She truly led by example every day and lifted so many lives around her.
March 22, a tragedy happened to the world. We lost beautiful Kat. Read her obituary here. "Be yourself and love who you are!" is the motto she lived by.
Friday night Hema and I attended a Memorial Benefit in her honor put together by Midvale Main Street Theater. We both bawled like babies. Our prayers go out to her family, and especially her sweet mother, Joan.
"Music is what feeling sounds like."


  1. wow that is so crazy, and so sad. She was talented.

  2. So so sad! She sounds like a very special person!