Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband!!!!
Thanks to Hema's mom for sending me this cute picture!!
We spent Hema's birthday evening with his family. His mom made a delicious steak and shrimp dinner. After he blew out his candles we heard a high-pitched screaming outside! Hema was the first to run out to see what was the matter, and it was the neighbor's dog. His head was stuck underneath the fence. Hema tried to move his head out but the dog kept biting him, but still kept screaming. So Hema tried to lift the fence just enough for the dog to wiggle out. The dog quit screaming but he was still stuck. The neighbor finally came out to help get his head unstuck. Hema heard a loud pop come from his arm, and he knew right away that it was his muscle. 
He went inside and noticed that when he would try to stretch his arm out flat, his bicep would ball up a little. Meanwhile, his mom was searching the internet to figure out what was wrong with his arm, and how to fix it. (I was holding my breath trying my darnedest to not completely lose it) I am so grateful we were with his family when that happened, because they have all taken their turns suffering very similar injuries playing football and such. They all were very calm, including Hema, and took care of it very quickly. 
They decided that since his muscle wasn't completely balled up to his shoulder, and since it wasn't hurting, that he hadn't torn it completely. Thank goodness! It never started bruising til about 2 days later, which is good too. He will have to keep icing it for a while, and wearing a sling.
Hema's poor bruised and swollen arm. And my dumb face. hehe
Cute Harrison and Maui's dumb face. hehe
Watching conference with the fam. Such a great conference!!

Here is a more recent view of the damage. We got some opinions from a few different doctory people and he is still wearing a sling. He also wraps an ace bandage tightly around it which seems to help a lot. It doesn't swell up anymore, and it only hurts when he tries to lift things. On his way to recovery!!

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  1. Ouch! That would hurt! :( I'm glad that it's healing though and isn't too serious. Good job saving that ungrateful dog!