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Lately we have been enjoying being around family and enjoying the warmer weather! Most days when we come home from work and meetings, we hang out in our hammock or have a picnic at a near by park or in our backyard. We recently got new bikes and have loved taking short bike rides together around the block and along the canals. All the baby ducks are sooo cute! Hema is busy taking summer classes and working. I'm busy working, and preparing to take a few classes this summer. We're taking a Zumba class together!! Our plans for Memorial Day weekend are to spend as much time as possible on our bikes, in the mountains, and with family. Sometimes life is hard, but ultimately, life is so good. There are so many simple things in life that bring so much joy. We are so blessed to have each other! Here are some fun moments from the past few months...
Hema and Tyler got 3 tops to spin on top of each other. It was such a thrill for them!
We torture our dog. We tried to take him on our bike ride today. Result- no bueno.
Sometimes we go on midnight runs for hot chocolate or appetizers at Dee's (freaky Dee's as we like to call it) The other day we went there and the waiter commented that I had finished all my food, when Hema hadn't even ate half his. Made me feel skinny (it didn't).
We love being up in the mountains!!
We love to try new foods. Star fruit was new to me, not Hema. But we tried dragon fruit for the first time a few weeks ago, that was very exciting for us! Mostly because it's the bonus fruit in Fruit Ninja...
Hema always falls asleep in church... at least this time we were out in the hall... he snores loud and makes angry faces when I try to wake him up.
"Momma" Leah! We love her so much.
Hema's sweet brothers came over a few weeks ago to help us with our yard work and such. They fell asleep before we even got to the house... or at least we THOUGHT Harrison was sleeping!! Such cuties.

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  1. I love the three tops stacked. That's amazing! :) That is so cool you guys are doing a Zumba class together. I wish I could get John to do it with me. :)