This past weekend we took a short trip to visit our good friends in Arizona! They just moved there, and we've never been there. It was so beautiful-unlike anything we've ever seen. It was fun to be with our good buddies, we're so excited for their baby coming in October!!

The fish they wrestled and caught with their own hands. Hema caught a shark! That's skill.
Father and son.
We got to see a live feeding, it was exciting! We felt bad for all the gold fish who swam for their dear lives, but didn't at the same time.
To celebrate our 1 year anniversary of our trip to Ecuador, we went to a local Ecuadorian restaurant. It was SO GOOD! We will definitely eat there again. Soon. The owner was a sweet man who used to live in the same area where Hema taught! I just love hearing Hema speak Spanish.

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  1. Normaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I have never been to Cabela's! And your outfit is cute again! And that food looks interesting. But gooood! Do you miss me everyday? You guys go on lots of adventures! That is coooooooool. You will have so many stories to tell people! And you guys will be the travel pros and can tell people fun things to do when they go certain places! Like my aunt Holly!