Hawaii 3

There were so many wonderful things we got to do in Hawaii!! Some of our favorites besides seeing a bunch of family were going to the Laie Temple and jumping the point with some cousins. Nobody told me really how dangerous jumping the point is til after I had jumped off! I didn't jump out very far, and everyone said I almost hit some rocks on my way down. Then once you're in the water, you have to swim against the waves towards this cave type thing under the cliff and climb up some sharp rocks before the waves come in and smash you against the cliff! Which is exactly what happened to me, but I came out with just a few scratches. Then you have to climb up these sharp rocks in between 2 cliffs, it hurts your feet. It was so fun though! We also saw a gigantic puffer fish while we were there! 
We spent one of our mornings at Temple Beach and watched some people do some really unique kinds of fishing. I found a washed up water bottle covered in barnacles and a few crabs! Hema and Hevynn took turns spitting on it, I'm not sure why.. 
I tried my first Acai Bowl, it was delicious. We ate some shrimp, and I also got to meet up with my friend Ellice who lives in Laie. 
Our sweet Auntie took us to a delicious Korean BBQ before taking us to the airport. We had such an amazing opportunity to be in Hawaii and see so much family while we were there. 
Hopefully we'll be visiting again soon!


  1. Wow! I am glad you are okay after the cliff jumping. I think it is so great you guys are taking the opportunity to travel while you have the chance!

  2. I thought that I already put a comment on here, but I guess I didn't. That 10th picture down of you is SOOOOOOOO cute! you are like a model. Seriously you are like a model in all of them. I love that swimsuit! Uh we need to play.