Day Date

Die in Your Arms by Justin Bieber on Grooveshark
Hema took me on a super fun day date a few weeks ago. We went up into Big Cottonwood Canyon and looked at all the pretty leaves, and ended with some delicious frappuccinos (the non coffee kinds, of course!). The mountains are just so beautiful and there is always a feeling of peace. We're so sad that fall comes and goes so quickly here, we wish it would last longer!!
Here's to enjoying the present, cherishing the past, and having hope for the future!

P.S. I know the song up there is by Justin Beiber, but I promise it's a good one...

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  1. I was thinking, "Hey! I've been there, this looks familiar!" but then I remembered that you showed me these pics earlier. they are beeeaauuuuutiiiifuuullllll! You are so pretty in all these pictures. Thanks so much for doing my hair!