Hawaii Part 1

Our journey began Wednesday night. We flew to LAX and slept there until early Thursday morning where we caught a flight out to Honolulu. We were very fortunate and our cousins and uncle let us use their cars while we were there, we only had to take the bus once!! We also got to see all our family that lives there, and they let us stay at their houses. We're so lucky we have such awesome family!! We were only there until Saturday night, so we made good use of our time.
We ate a lot, played a lot, it was a dream. First we ate some Malasadas, then we headed to the north shore and stopped at Waimea Bay on the way. We watched everyone attempt tricks off the rock, and we got to see a lot of fish! There was a swarm of small bright blue fish that were swimming around our bodies and occasionally would all pop out of the water! See in the pic below, the white spot on the water is all the fish!!
We ate at L&L's where Hema got his favorite Chicken Katsu. Later we headed to his uncle's house where they took us to eat at the PCC and then watched the night show and got to see our cousins and Hema's sister Hevynn dance!! It rained a lot of the time we were there, but the sun was still usually out. We got to see lots of rainbows. It was a wonderful.


  1. HOly cow!!! haha I'm so jealous! haha i didn't realize you went to Hawaii when we talked on the phone!man im so oblivious!!

  2. so stinking cool! You look so pretty! So jealous!!!