Wave Running

Hema does a back flip... 
Over Labor Day weekend, we were able to go wave running with some good friends!! My sweet daddy let us borrow his wave runners, and we had a free pass to get into any state park! We were worried that the lake would be crazy busy for the holiday weekend, but when we got there it was almost empty! The weather was beautiful and it was the perfect day. We had the lake almost to ourselves, then we bbq'd and made s'mores. After a few hours, more people started to come and then about an hour later, we saw lightening at the other side of the lake. So we packed up our stuff and as soon as we got out of the water, BAM! It started raining reaaaally hard and hailing!! We got out in the nick of time, we were at the same lake where that family's boat drowned and they were stuck in the water for 6 hours! 

Lately we've just been trying to enjoy these last few days of summer. We went on a 3 day trip to Hawaii, more about that to come!
Hema making s'mores with candles while it rained outside :)

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  1. I have never made s'mores with candles... I should try it.