Stuart + Juliet

Romeo and Juliet by The Killers on Grooveshark
Stu and Juliet are some of our bestest friends.  We adore them. They are such genuine, fun, caring people. We are so lucky to have them in our lives! 
Last Saturday was an eventful, memorable day. I got to do Juliet's hair that morning and also later in the afternoon. We had the privilege of attending their ceremony, luncheon and reception! Funnest wedding ever. Hema put together a blues band for the reception. Hema has played at A LOT of weddings, and normally they just basically ask him to be background noise. But they set up their reception so that the band was a show at the end! Everyone danced and had a blast. Then near the end of their set, Stu jumped on stage and played with the band. It was so fun!

Here's to lifelong friendships. We love you, Stuliet!!


  1. That's way cool! She has such a cute style! Looks like a fun wedding. Good job on her hair!

  2. Her hair looks beautiful! Did you go to hair school?
    P.s. You are so gorgeous Norma, you always have been!

    Miss you.