Welcome Home, Helam!

These past two months have been so crazy. I can't keep up! Last month on the 15th, Helam came home from Atlanta! Hema snuck a few pics of him coming off the plane since he has a special badge that gets him anywhere in the airport. He served a very successful mission and we are so happy to have him home! He will be playing football at Weber next season, so keep an eye out! Helam went with us to Ecuador about 2 weeks ago and we had a blast. More updates on that later!
Currently we are in New Jersey/Philadelphia area trying to catch a flight back to Salt Lake. We have been trying to leave for about 2 days with no luck. A lot of flights were cancelled earlier this week, so flying standby so close to Christmas became impossible. Odds are slim tomorrow (Christmas Eve) so we may not get home til Christmas. But thankfully we've been well cared for by the Sikahema family. HUGE thank you to them! 

Merry Christmas everyone! 


  1. Sounds like fun! (other than not finding a flight) Good luck getting home!