Good Ole Quito

We are finally back in Utah and we couldn't be happier. Things have been so crazy these last few weeks. We are grateful that we are able to go to all these fun places. I'm realizing we've been pretty lucky in our travels since we've been flying standby. It feels like these past few weeks we've been living in airports and on planes. There were so many hiccups. So many things gone wrong. But it could've been a lot worse! I'm just going to skip over the whole Madrid thing for now, that was a mistake.
The thing we love about Ecuador is that it has a little bit of everything. They have mountains, beaches, colonial cities, museums, outdoorsy things, you name it. They are only an hour time difference from Utah, they use American currency, and everything is SO CHEAP! Ecuador will always have a very special place in our hearts since Hema served his mission there. It's hard to explain, but it just feels like home. This time around, we decided to do more touristy things since we weren't able to fly into the side of the country where Hema served. 
It took us a few extra days than expected to arrive in Quito. We barely made it on the flight since we were trying to find Hema's bag. This was after it had been lost for 3 days already. They never found it, so we ran to the gate. Arrived in Quito about midnight, stood in a 2 and half hour long customs line, got a taxi. Went to the hostal we had picked out prior to arriving, nobody would answer the door and it had been locked and gated up. So our taxi driver said he knew a really nice hostel just down the road for only 12 per person (which is almost double any other hostel we were planning to stay in.) Turns out this hostel was a total dumpsito as I like to call it. Instead of a mirror above the sink, there was a window with see-through curtains looking out into the lobby. We had no other option at 3 am. So first thing in the morning we went on a hunt for a better place.
The White House
We went into a bunch of different places asking for prices, if they have Wifi, etc. We found a place we liked lots better. The only room they had for 3 people was an 8 person dorm, but luckily we were the only 3 people staying there!  The picture above is the view from our hostel, you can see El Panecillo! 
Mini Bum candy.
Our second hostel
Helam was lots taller than everyone there! Bus rides are so crowded and not very fun.
This was what the hostel looked like from the inside. We stayed in the room with the fire extinguisher next to it :)
Quito was so fun. I will post details about the things we did there later. We did lots and lots of walking, which we like. 
Merry Christmas, everyone!!!


  1. Glad you got home okay! I love seeing new places, but I don't really like being in airports or on airplanes. I guess thats the price you pay!

    I like the Mini Bum candy. :)

  2. I am so glad you guys are finally home! You guys have really made me want to visit Ecuador!

  3. wohooo! This looks like so much fun! I want to call you RIGHT NOW and talk details!

  4. http://www.homestarrunner.com/ween03.html I think the poopsmith gave away that candy