Monos Y Amazonas

During our stay in Baños we visited a little town called Puyo. In Puyo there are several monkey sanctuaries and other little animal sanctuaries. Some of them are more like zoos, and we visited a few of them. I was determined to hold a monkey! These sanctuaries are right in the middle of the Amazon. We saw all kinds of cool plants and lots and lots of monkeys! At one point Hema and Helam started screaming and running around when they discovered there were giant ants crawling all over their legs! I'm pretty sure they bit us because we had these tiny red bumps all over our legs that itched like crazy! It was a great experience to explore the jungle a little and see all the animals!


  1. I've always wanted to hold a monkey!

  2. Ah! that cheetah, or whatever cat it is, looks like it could just jump a little and get you! Like John, I've always always wanted to hold a monkey too!!