We went to a hot springs where there were lots and lots of people and lots of hot dirty water! We met a guy from Canada who has been traveling the world for the past 2.5 years. He's been everywhere!!
Our adorable hostal! It was the cutest place and had the nicest family working there. There were people from all over the world staying there! Best part, only 7 bucks a night!
Helam's 5 dollar meal that lasted for 2 meals haha
Another blurry pic.. Ecua-christmas decorations
Our grocery store breakfasts include lots of yogurt, cereal, and lots of yummy Ecua-fruit! Guaba is Hema's favorite. It comes in a long hard shell that looks like a pea pod. Inside are big white fluffy circles and inside each circle is a giant black seed. It feels like you're sucking on a wet cotton ball.
Grenadilla- known as "snot fruit". Very unique and very delicious!
Hema and Helam went to a concert that was held right by our hostal
Banos was such a fun place. It's called Banos because of all the rivers and waterfalls that are EVERYWHERE! It is such a beautiful, green small town. We had planned to do a lot of fun outdoorsy things during our stay there but unfortunately our spontaneous one day trip to Spain took half our budget. So we made do and still had loads of fun! Details to come.

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