Mount Pichincha & Telefériqo

I have far too many pictures that turned out like this from our trip. While taking the pic I think "this will come out really nice. This will be one of my favorite pictures." Then it comes out BLURRY! Oh well.

In Quito it seems like they name everything after this mountain, Mount Pichincha. Mount Pichincha is part of the Andes mountains. We were surprised at how cold it was up there, we were so unprepared. Once you take the tram all the way up to the top, you can hike up a little ways where there is a lookout spot and also a place where you can rent horses that will take you up even higher. Though the short hike up the hill was a very easy hike, we found it very hard to breath. Our hearts were beating pretty fast, and we noticed we could see a lot of planes flying below us. Well I googled the elevation of Mt Pichincha and google tells me it's 15,696 ft. Which explains why we could see so many planes, since they usually fly at 10,000 ft. The view was amazing! It was so fun to explore the mountains in Quito, they are so different from Utah mountains. The tram ride is pretty long, and pretty far from the city. We were surprised to see a couple of houses along the way!

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