East Coastin...

Another picture overload...sorry.
We flew into DC for our cousin Lana's wedding! I was to do her hair and Hema was to perform at the reception. It was such a fun and unique experience visiting DC and Philly. When we arrived, we had no idea what we were doing so we asked around how to get to our hotel. We took the subway to the edge of town and stayed at a hotel that was close to the DC temple. We had fun staying up and talking to our family. Next day was the big day at the DC temple!! The temple was HUGE and so beautiful! It is surrounding by woods, it was breathtaking. I can't image how pretty it is in the summer time! 
We traveled to Philly for the reception and stayed with our aunt and uncle. I swear we never slept! It was so fun talking with family and playing games. We got to explore DC a little on the way to Philly with LJ and Kaylie and it was really neat and very different than we expected! We had so much fun hanging out with them and their adorable little boys! The reception was a blast and Hema did such a great job performing, everyone loved him. 
Our family took really good care of us and took us to some great places like Wawa, Pat's, and to see some sights throughout Philly. They were very patient with picking us up and dropping us off multiple times to the airport to try to get home. We had a blast being able to see our family! We loved the east coast, we definitely wouldn't mind living there!

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  1. Norma you so pretty :) Teach me to curl my hair like yours!!