A Day in Mexico // Anniversary 2

Hema was offered a totally random job last year to inspect a hotel chain in Mexico. He took two separate trips there and I was lucky enough to get to tag along on one of them! His trip to Puerto Vallarta wasn't long after our anniversary so we decided to use that trip as part of our celebration. We only spent about 24 hrs in Mexico and it was grand. A very different experience than we've ever had, and I don't know if we'll experience anything like it again! 
The Puerto Vallarta airport was very different than any other airport. We watched several airport employees get frisked before they were allowed to assist with passengers. We were handed margaritas after we got off the plane. And before we could even make it past security, there were dozens of people trying to sell us junk. Once we got past security, there was a man holding Hema's name on a sign. We went to him and he drove us to the resort. 
The resort was so pretty!! We got to stay in our own condo that had it's own pool, that was right by the beach. They gave us bracelets that got us food whenever we wanted, and told us to let them know if we wanted to go anywhere and they'd pick us up in their golf carts and drive us. Everyone was sucking up to us and treating us so well, since Hema was the inspector after all. It was so odd to be so sucked up to and looked after. It was fun!
Neither of us had ever been to a resort before, so we took full advantage of our food bracelets and the ocean view. We spent most of our time playing on the beach and just relaxing. It was wonderful! Hopefully Hema gets to inspect again next year!

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  1. Sheesh, that sounds awesome. Keep your fingers crossed to be inspector again. Unless, of course, they have something to hide and you get rubbed out when you discover it.