Why Norma is AMAZING! (Hema's annual hijacking of Norma's blog)

Hello everyone, this is Hemā writing to you.. I don't do it that often (in fact, never..) and it's a shame, because this blog is called "Delishus Duo" currently written by one person. But since I do not want the blogging world to think that I don't know how to use a computer, I am writing to prove that I do.

A little over 3 years ago, I met the love of my life. And if you can see the picture above, she is also the love of Maui's life. She is the one who supports me when no one else does and the one that remembers to feed Maui, when no one else does. We've had a lot of adventures, here are some more recent ones that we have had, thus proving why my wife is so amazing:

1. Norma was kind enough to buy us tickets to the USMNT vs. Honduras soccer match for my birthday, and she says it's her birthday present too.. but I know that it was really for me. I loved it, it was so much fun! I was very intense at most parts of the game, so I hope Norma still liked being around me... if any of you have known someone that gets really into a game, you know what I mean.

2. My wife took this picture, when we had a fun filled day at lagoon! Norma can elaborate more, but it was just a fun day.. (it was a good day, I managed to not throw up on any of the rides.)

Norma really, really, really, really, really, really loved this swing ride... I mean, I think she went 2 or 3 more times... But she is adorable, and for a moment she looks as if nothing in the world could bother her. Not her stressful job, which she works so hard at. No inconsiderate people, with whom she deals a lot with. Nothing could ruin her night, or her gorgeous smile... and I'm glad I got this picture, 'cause she's beautiful.
3. We went to Moab, and Norma handled those hikes/repels/trails like a champ. Not only is she a great travel companion, but she can handle herself in any environment.. She had never been to Moab and we were so excited to go with our friends..

She repelled down this 180' repel, no problem! For me, I was a little nervous (I think I'm getting old..) because I would just imagine Norma tumbling off the side of the cliff. So every step she took (no matter how far away from the edge she was) I would say,"Be careful!" ..I think she got sick of hearing that this trip. 

She's adventurous, she's brave, and she looks good doing all this outdoorsy stuff... Even on the way home, we had a small hiccup in the for of our van breaking down, and she still had her positive, adventurous spirit.. It was hotter than hell out there and she never complained. I'm sure I did though.

Even in the heat, Norma maintains her sassiness

Recently, Norma and I went to visit her best friend Megan, who just returned from serving a mission. Norma wanted to get her friend something and I could tell Norms was a little stressed. We ran all around the mall, trying to get the perfect thing. Did she find it? I don't know because I'm a man. And horrible at girly-things. (Lord help me if we have a baby girl in the future.) But I can tell you that Norma was very thoughtful, because she cares about people. Not only me, and not only her friends, but everyone. She's careful to make sure people feel loved and that people feel like Norma cares about them. Girls that sincerely care for people, that are never catty, and that never talk bad on other girls are very hard to find. And I'm lucky to be married to the cutest one. :P

Norma is such a great addition to our family. We only had one girl in my family growing (and she is kinda a tomboy) and Norma is what it needed. Norma's the only one strong enough to hang with us and keep us in line, spiritual enough to be a great example, mature enough to give us advice, and kind enough to care about some spoiled kids... I don't know how I got so lucky, but we're grateful to have her, and I hope she knows that we care.

In conclusion, that which takes Norma a couple hours to do, has taken me all morning. I hope Norms will elaborate more on our adventures because, the details are not my forte... But when she gets back on here, she'll know that I love and adore her, and that I think she's amazing, as you all hopefully can see as well. :D



  1. I've known Norma for a long time. We went to school together. She was always the life to the party. The way you talk about her sounds like she is still the amazing sweet girl I grew up with. And though we don't really talk anymore I can tell how much you guys are in love. I'm glad she found that special someone. She defiantly deserves every happy moment in life.

  2. You guys are the cutest! Norma, the swings at Lagoon were always my favorite too. :) Looks like a really fun trip to Moab! We gotta go camping with you guys!