Moab- Arches National Park

The other side of this rock is a drop off. When I was climbing around up there I stumbled a little and a cute asian man gasped and said "AH be careful! Please don't die." Hehe
MOAB! Going to Moab and Arches National Park have been on my bucket list ever since I can remember. I can't believe I've lived in Utah my whole life and this was the first time I have ever experienced such an important part of Utah. Moab is such an incredible and beautiful place. I always pictured a flat, dry area with an arch in the middle. That is definitely not at all what I got! I was lucky to  go with THE Moab pro, Matt Een. Matt was so kind to take us and show me all the must-sees and must-dos. It was a quick trip but we made the most of our time! Matt spoiled us and we had a blast!

We started right off with the main attraction, the Delicate Arch. It is a short hike there and back, but unlike any other hike i've been on. The arch is incredible. Nuff said. Just driving through the park and enjoying the scenery in Matt's jeep with the music turned up would be enough to keep us happy for a long time. It really is incredible! We also visited the double arch, saw some petroglyphs, and more.

I cannot get over the beauty of this place. The fine orange sand, the green plants and colorful flowers, the rivers, the rocks, it is all amazing. Such a unique place. There were tourists there from all over the world, I hardly ever heard English inside the park. I hope we can visit again soon!

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  1. The arches are so cool! I was especially surprised by how big they all are.