This pic is supposed to be of Hevynn and Helam, see, they're posing!

On our favorite roller coaster with Hev and the newly returned Evan!

Best buddies :)

My favorite ride, I rode it like 3 or 4 times in a row...

Every year we ususally get tickets from Hema's mom's work to go Lagoon for freeee! Hema and I both had to work during the day so we met up with them later around 6 or 7 (when it was nice, perfect weather hehe.) We met up at Lagoona Beach and Hema's mom had the nicest picnic prepared. We munched and chatted in the shade while the boys played on the slides. Then we got to ride our favorite rides with our family! It was so fun, we felt like little kids (except maybe Hema who felt a little naseous..)
It feels good to get in touch with your inner child sometimes :)
Thanks mom for the fun night!!

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  1. I love Lagoon! I would have gone on the swings with you a billion times, I like that ride too! So fun, can't wait to see you tomorrow!!