Moab- Repelling!

So some of these pics were taken with our phones and some with our camera, and I really like the phone pics a lot better! Much more colorful. Anyway.
Repelling is my FAVORITE!! We hiked down from the top of the Slick Rock Bike Trailhead (I think..) and went down two repells. One was about 100-120 feet and the other was 160-180 feet (I think..). Funny thing is dropping myself that far doesn't scare me a teeny bit. I love it! But for some reason when we wedged ourselves between that crack and crawled our way out, that freaked me out. So I called tall Helam over and jumped on his shoulders. Way more scared of a 5 foot drop with no ropes.
Hema was usually the first to go down, and Matt the last. But on the second repel, I could tell something was wrong. Hema burned his hands really bad on the ropes! He had blisters all over his fingers and the palms of his hands. We smothered them in Aloe Vera and held them in ice the whole way home, and I think it helped because he only had a few blisters the next day instead of hand-sized blisters.
After the second repel we hiked our way out of Negro Bill's canyon. I was in awe at how many flowers and green green trees and plants were there. It was gorgeous! There were a lot of people hiking through and we were surprised at how many dogs were there! And we got to see lots of tadpoles, which I thought was super exciting for some reason.
Thanks again Matt for taking us, we had the time of our lives!!

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  1. I am kind of a wimp about repelling. I can do it and think it is kind of fun, but I have to fight through a little bit of terror that I am going to die. So that's cool that you don't get scared at all about it! I bet its even more fun that way.