Pearson Reunion!

This series really should be titled "Norma's First Spray Tan".
It is so fun to have most of my family get together. Hey maybe one day we'll have all my siblings and all their spouses and all their kids together at the same time! One day.
We had loads of fun! We started off with meeting downtown and touring some of the church history sites. Then we had a birthday lunch for Alex whose birthday is on the 4th of July! It was magical to me to have lunch with my family under the apricot tree. The perfect place, really! That night we had dinner and fireworks and water balloon games at Millie and Ryan's new house! The kids are so cute, I'll never forget cute Ellie and Hannah chanting "fi-re-works! fi-re-works!" throughout the whole thing, and little Dayton whining that they were so annoying!
Next day we met up at the lake and rode around on my dad's wave runners and swam around and played in the kayaks and in Jeff's paddleboat.  We had a yummy lunch and soaked up the sun. There were some tears when the lake cop guy came and yelled at the teenage kids for being too reckless on the wave runners. Hehe. That night I had a sleepover with the oldest nieces! I can't believe I have so many teenage nieces and nephews. We went to the dollar theater and played Nintendo 64 and the girls giggled about their celebrity crushes. It was fun just listening to their conversations.
Last day we did baptisms with all 3 sisters and all the oldest grandkids. It was really cool to be there with my parents and my sisters, brother Matt, and my cute nieces and nephews. After we went to the church for lunch, games, and playing on grandpa's motor toys!
Good time was had by all!


  1. Oh my I loved this post! That looks like so much fun. I always forget how big your family is, and I CANNOT believe that those girls are so big. I feel like we were just that age. So weird. You look like a stinkn' model in all these pictures. sheesh!

    1. whooo that was a close one- I almost published that as Jeff... hahaha "you look like a stink' model" - I'm sure he'd agree, but wouldn't be quite appropriate :)

  2. Maybe one day we will all be there. Sorry I had to go complicate it by moving out of state. Fun reunion!